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Wellness Reset

Check out this little wellness reset that I'll be doing this summer, & typically try to implement throughout the year. This reset is a combination of the following health cleanses I have done to ease the painful symptoms of my varying autoimmune diseases, along with the knowledge that comes with a lifetime of being sick, & bits of what I've learned studying Ayurveda & wellness coaching.

The books/resets below have truly changed my life, & helped me better understand why my body does not react well with certain foods, & the best way to care for my being. Check out the scientific evidence, research, & recommendations from the following amazing women for yourself!

Yay! I'm beyond excited to eat super clean, prioritize better sleep & share this experience with all of you!

wellness reset

Dr. Mitra Ray created her Shred10 cleanse for a 10 day period, while Magdalena Wszelaki recommends 4-8 weeks for her health reset, & Ann Boroch offers a 90 day period for the Candida Cure. All 3 are meant to rid the body of toxicity, bringing about balance & soothing inflammation. Whether it's 10 or 90 days, I feel clarity in my mind & so much better in my body when I avoid inflammatory foods. Choose the timing that feels right for you.

With that being said, let's get into the details of what we will be adding to/eliminating from our diets:


*focus: eliminating anything that has the potential to cause inflammation in the gut*

  • gluten

  • dairy

  • caffeine

  • alcohol

  • processed foods & refined carbohydrates

  • artificial + refined sugars - Boroch has us avoiding ALL sugar, even fruit, in order to kill off the candida bacteria - I try to eat as little sugar as possible.

  • nightshades (peppers, tomatoes, eggplants, etc.)

  • eggs

  • coconut

  • chemicals: pesticides, harsh cleaners & body/beauty care products

  • recreational drugs

No eating after 6PM is one of the Shred 10 rules, but 6PM is way too early for me, so I use the guideline of no eating past 8PM, 9PM at the latest. The Ayurveda tip, no eating 2 hours before bed, works too!


  • more fruits & vegetables - lightly cooking veggies might ease digestion

  • eat organic foods - pesticides are terrible for you & our planet!

  • 7-9 hours of sleep daily - some folks need more/less sleep than others!

  • movement on most days - exercise, walk, yoga, hike, bike, HIIT class, pilates, dance, etc.

  • prioritize rest & relaxation as well

  • 30 fl. oz. lemon water* before consuming solids, & at least 1 gallon of water a day

  • clean skincare, body, beauty, detergents, & household cleaning products

  • more laughter & joy!

  • more time with loved ones & cultivating meaningful relationships

  • more time outside, enjoying nature & connecting with the Earth

  • take time to attune to your breath & breathe deeply

  • meditate, if possible - this could be a 5-20 minute guided meditation on an app, a yoga nidra class, a walking meditation, even gardening!

I know this list is a lot, especially when you're someone like me who is lactose intolerant, but loves to stuff their face with cheese, & DoorDash Dairy Queen Blizzards as much as possible. Remember to be kind to yourself. Any amount of progress is key. Pick & choose a few things to start with if it feels overwhelming, & notice how your body & mind feel with the changes!

Some of my FAVORITE anti-inflammatory foods

to help kick-start your gut health:

  • unsweetened organic aloe juice

  • turmeric + black pepper

  • jasmine green tea

  • berries: raspberry, blueberry, strawberry, blackberry

  • bone broth

  • ginger - can be warming & cause too much heat in some

  • rosemary

  • kefir

  • garlic

  • some mushroom varieties like Reishi, Chaga, Lion's Mane, Oysters, Cordyceps, etc.

wellness reset
Salmon Pesto Bowl

A few healthy, yet delicious, recipes:

WHY am I doing this for my body & mind? Due to food quality decrease & increase of toxicity on our planet, many of us are seriously lacking all of the micronutrients (vitamins & minerals) we truly need to live a full, healthy, abundant life. Eliminating processed foods while implementing more plants allows our bodies, minds, & spirits to run much more efficiently. Just think of how you feel after consuming a small steak filet with a side of roasted sweet potatoes & crispy brussel sprouts vs. how you feel after a milkshake, french fries & a cheeseburger. Both are delicious, but one will make you feel a hell of a lot better, I'd say.

You were not brought to this planet to live day-to-day feeling fatigued & unwell. Be the best version of you!

If you're interested in joining me on this little reset journey, feel free to hop in anywhere along the way! Email me, Bronwen, at, subscribe here, or join the Embodied Ambrosia women's Facebook community!

*use a fresh squeezed organic lemon for your lemon water to detox the body - a slice or 2 does the trick!

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