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At Embodied Ambrosia, we see the magic in the mundane, & invite women to see this beauty within themselves.

Our body care line, healing practices, & community invite you to return to balance. We empower women to find harmony within themselves, embodying their entire being with no apologies.

We promise to use top quality, consciously sourced, simple ingredients. No chemicals whatsoever. 

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Embodied Ambrosia honors the sacred bee as a symbol of the divine feminine. Teaching us how to live harmoniously, the Queen Bee leads a stable, matriarchal society. Learn more about the Bee here.



Yoga Teacher | Witch | Aromatherapist

Finding a connection with my body & the divine feminine was always somewhat difficult for me. Struggling with 6 autoimmune diseases, including Endometriosis & Lyme, I felt the need to disassociate from my body in order to make it through a typical day, especially during menstruation. It wasn't until I really delved into my yoga practice that this connection began to mend.

Yoga Asana allowed me to create space within the chambers of my mind, all while distracting my monkey brain with movement. Yoga led me to meditation, which in turn led me to a deeper understanding of myself & the radiant being that lies within each of us.

I wish to do one small thing to help women feel connected to each other & the divine feminine within themselves.

Connection to the Earth. Connection to your womb. Connection to your beautiful body. Connection to the divine feminine.

Let's heal the witch wound together.

Get in touch with me if you’re new to yoga, curious about products, or feel the call of the wild woman.

Girl holding a gold Tibetan bowl during a holistic sound healing ritual_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Healing Through Mindful Practices &
Clean Products

Embodied Ambrosia stands for a vision of a conscious world where people know & love themselves, sharing that joy with everyone around them.

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