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Why the Bee?

Bronwen & the Bee

When I started Embodied Ambrosia, it only seemed right to have a bee symbolize the brand. Not only have people nicknamed me "Bee" my entire life, but the bee is a beautiful symbol of divine feminine connection, harmony, stability, & magic. All important pieces of the Embodied Ambrosia brand & community.

Collecting Pollen from Flower

Our Honey Bee

We love bees & adopted a honey bee this year to donate to the Bee Cause Project. Did you know that honey bees are endangered? We do what we can to help the bees, from supporting local beekeepers to planting pollinators.

The Queen Bee

Throughout history, the bee has been regarded as a symbol of the divine feminine. We have the Queen Bee leading the matriarchal society, & the "workers" made up of female bees, creating a harmonious, balanced society through community.

Honeycomb Closeup
Honeycomb Closeup

Bee's Ambrosia

Did you know that Embodied Ambrosia was originally Bee's Ambrosia when I started this blog in 2020? Yup, my nickname, Bee! Plus, Ambrosia is known to be "the nectar of the gods," often thought of as mead or honey wine.

Messengers of Spirit

Bee Shamanism is seen across the globe, as bees are known to be deeply connected to Spirit & the world of magic. Bees remind us of the sweetness of life with their honey, soothe us with the vibration of their buzz, & have even healed us with their sacred venom. 

Bee on a Daisy
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