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Cleansing Herbal Bath

This cleansing herbal bath ritual is detoxing & restoring. Draw your bath with some cool water during the Summer months & let yourself relax.

cleansing herbal bath, ritual


  • clearing herb/smudge stick of choice - Cedarwood, Hyssop, Sage, Lavender, Palo Santo, etc.

  • 1 cup dead sea salts

  • 3 leaves fresh sage

  • 1 sprig fresh thyme

  • 1 tbsp Piñon oil - I like Dryland Wilds

  • lemon slices - use 1/4 to 1/2 lemon, or preferred amount

  • 9 drops Frankincense essential oil - use high quality, refer to Purchasing Quality Essential Oils for guidance.


  • clear self & bath tub space with smudge stick or preferred method

  • light candles & any cleansing crystals you wish to bring to the party -hematite at your feet in the bath tub is a great choice, or maybe a hunk of smoky quartz*

  • pour in the salt, next add in Frankincense & Piñon oils, & finally mix in herbs & sliced lemon to your bath

  • enjoy your bath & visualize the water soaking up anything you wish to let go of - old habits, patterns, thought loops, toxic people, prejudices, etc.

  • when you're ready to get out, drain the water & sit in the bath until the water is fully drained from the tub. While doing this, imagine the water flushing away anything that no longer serves you, releasing whatever you wished to let go of, spinning down the drain & being transmuted by the water

  • dry off & then place the herbs/lemon slices in your outdoor compost or trash

Enjoy this simple, lovely ritual & have a great day!

*remember, not all crystals are water-friendly!

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