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Purchasing Quality Essential Oils

"But, how do I know my essential oils are pure & top quality?" This is a question that I often receive, & there is no short answer as essential oils are unregulated. You often need to do your research: know the product's extraction methods, Latin binomial, & actually familiarize yourself with the essential oil. It is good if they have third-party testing & the research to support their oils.

I've put together a list of essential oil brands that I know & trust, have been familiarized with during my Aromatherapist training, or have done my research on. Check each website out for yourself, read their stories, & find your favorite!

  • Based in Montreal, Zayat Aroma offers lovely essential oils, synergies (essential oil blends), diffusers, & more! Learn about their extraction methods & see if they're a good fit for you.

  • Eden Botanicals is another lovely company where you can purchase quality essential oils, located in Petaluma, California. 100% pure, genuine, authentic essential oils is Eden Botanicals promise.

  • You know I love the local(ish) Rocky Mountain Oils based in Utah! Their oils are GC/MS tested, which tests the purity of an oil, detecting any contaminants.

  • doTERRA is another quality brand that I have enjoyed in the past, but I am not a fan of MLM's & have leaned away from their products. Their essential oils undergo CPTG or Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade testing to assure quality.

  • Enfleurage goes on to explain that "[Therapeutic Grade] is a meaningless statement as there is no standard explaining what that is. It's an MLM term--Multi-level Marketing." Enfleurage does not carry any synthetics, learn about their oils & process here.

  • Transparency is at the core of Plant Therapy & they publish their essential oil test reports to prove it. Plant Therapy is third-party tested using the GC/MS tests as well.

Try them out & see which brands you gravitate towards. To know & trust local small businesses that sell pure, quality essential oils is awesome too! Do your research & be safe out there.

Bronwen, Certified Aromatherapist, New York Institute of Aromatherapy

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