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Essential Oil Profile: Ylang Ylang

Ylang Ylang has been one of my favorite essential oils ever since I first learned about this beautiful flower & its healing properties. Native to the Philippines & Southeast Asia, Ylang Ylang has been passed down as an aphrodisiac, & was even made into a paste to help treat asthma (Peace Rhind, 326). Ylang Ylang has a lovely aroma that emits from the unique curly yellow flower.


  • Extraction Method: The flowers are typically steam distilled.

  • Aroma: floral, woody, sweet

  • Botanical Name: Cananga odorata

  • Plant Family: Annonaceae

Check out my blog post, Sensual Essential Oils, to learn more about Ylang Ylang as an aphrodisiac.

Benefits & Uses

  • boosts libido

  • eases anxiety

  • promotes hair growth

  • balances skin

  • uplifts

  • relieves stress

  • balances emotions

  • eases stomach ache

  • calms high blood pressure

  • soothes inflammation

Ylang Ylang is also known to assist with a woman's moon cycle, aiding with PMS symptoms. Ylang Ylang has also been used to help balance emotions during this time of hormonal fluctuation as well. Below are some mystical properties that Ylang Ylang beholds!

Ylang Ylang essential oil

Magical Uses & Metaphysical Gifts

  • love

  • passion

  • calm

  • ease

  • lunar phases

  • menstruation

  • beauty

  • warmth

  • sensuality


Ylang Ylang essential oil connects with your Heart (4th) Chakra, or Anahata in Sanskrit. This chakra is located in the center of your chest & just behind your heart in your middle back. The heart chakra is an energetic vortex, or wheel of energy, that inputs/outputs love & community connections. Many of us are holding onto trauma that has closed off or tightened this vortex, blocking that loving energy & ability to connect with others. Noticing this, & focusing on opening up your heart allows you to connect better with yourself & the world around you. Breathe into your heart & feel your emotions. The heart chakra is connected to air, ruling your lungs, & notice how it was used in Java & Vietnam as a remedy for asthma (Peace Rhind, 326). It's so cool how everything is connected!

Application Tip: lavender, neroli & ylang ylang make a lovely roller blend - mix together with a carrier oil

I leave you with this final blending tip! Ylang Ylang blends beautifully with patchouli, lavender, wild orange, neroli & copaiba.

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Bronwen, Certified Aromatherapist, New York Institute of Aromatherapy


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