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Top Gluten Free Spots: Boulder

Updated: Feb 23

Here they are - my top gluten free spots in Boulder, Colorado!

Shine | A completely gluten free eatery with a focus on well-being. Shine's mouthwatering 100% grass-fed burgers take me back to the juicy patties of Ireland, they’re truly succulent. Plus, Shine even makes their own gluten free buns! Grab one of their magical potions & tap into your intuition - Fairy Bubbles, Owl Eyes, The Awakening. A beautiful establishment founded by triplets Jessica, Jill & Jennifer Emich, Shine truly welcomes all to its community & lovely fairy garden patio. I cannot wait to spend more time here!

gluten free boulder, colorado

- Shine Mantra -

This is a time to Shine, a time to trust . . .

This life is one for me to live fully, even as I offer myself to others and to service.

Service will come from my heart, my mind, and my spirit.

This is the way of magic and power. This is my way.

I am here as one of many, and yet my uniqueness is what makes this community prosper.

I will shine my gifts from the heart and share them with the world from a place of truth, transparency, and purity.

I am here as a creator, and I will create, love, live, laugh as much as I can every moment.

I am Magic, I am Power. Every Single Day, I will remember this.

From the Heart,

~The Shine Family

Quiero Arepas | Another 100% gluten free eatery, Quiero Arepas is absolutely delicious! I was first introduced to arepas by my friend Kèla whose mother was born in Venezuela. Kèla cooked us up a couple for breakfast one morning while we were studying abroad in Perugia, Italy, & my taste buds started dancing. The maize corn pockets were so flavorful & cheesy. After moving to Colorado, I was elated to find a couple of delicious arepa eateries in Boulder - The Arepa Joint food truck & Quiero Arepas! Quiero Arepas is a jammin spot in Boulder’s new food collective, Avanti.

gluten free food boulder, colorado
Fresh Thymes

Fresh Thymes || Marketplace | If you read my new blog post, Gluten Free Feast at Fresh Thymes, then you already know how much I love this totally gluten free restaurant. "Fresh Thymes almost instantaneously became my go-to eatery in Boulder upon moving to this little city in 2017. I was craving a noodle bowl & they heeded my call with their spicy Rad Thai. I had yet to discover my gluten allergy & just couldn't get enough of their fresh, locally sourced food. Little did I know that their menu was (& still is) 100% gluten free the entire time - no wonder why I came away feeling so good after eating a full meal." Read more about why I’m obsessed with Fresh Thymes.

Whole Sol Blend Bar | A complete dream for a gal with a gluten allergy - Whole Sol is 100% gluten free, 100% organic, 100% dairy free & 100% a refreshing paradise. I love everything! From their cleansing juices & shots, to their breakfast bowls & toasts. My favorite smoothie bowl has to be The Mayan - a dragon fruit base, topped with strawberries, granola, coconut & mango! Learn more about Whole Sol & my favorite gluten free breakfasts in Boulder here.

Flower Child | A healthy food chain that originated on the west coast, Flower Child has plenty of clean, gluten free options. When it comes to ordering out, I’m a creature of habit, so I typically switch it up between the “Forbidden” Rice & the Glow Bowl - both gluten free & vegan.

Dish Gourmet | A favorite lunch spot of mine, Dish has delicious gluten free bread & wonderfully light sides that compliment any sandwich. They even have gluten free desserts!

Curry n Kebob | Brad & I order Curry n Kebob just about every other week. All of their entrees are gluten free & delightful! The naan is not gluten free, so I just swap it out for the papadom lentil crackers when ordering my meal. I’m a sucker for the Vindaloo & Masala.

naked lunch boulder, colorado
Naked Lunch

Naked Lunch | A locally-owned hidden gem over by the Peloton West condominiums off Arapahoe. Naked Lunch is a great breakfast or lunch choice with plenty of gluten free options - grab your soups, sammies & salads! They also have an expansive case of vegan treats, & most are gluten free as well. Find out where to get more scrumptious gluten free breakfasts in Boulder here!

Yellowbelly | Gluten free fried chicken tenders! Plus, their smashed potato fries & seasonal vegetables are scrumptious.

Oskar Blues Boulder Taproom | Excellent gluten free burgers & grub!

Fringe Pizza | My favorite gluten free pizza in Boulder! Check out Friday Nights are for Fringe Pizza to learn more.

Nicer Occasion |

Feelin' Fancy

gluten free restaurants boulder, colorado
Oak at Fourteenth

Oak at Fourteenth - "The best burger in Boulder" was how our friend Carlos first introduced us to OAK. Sadly, I have never had the burger given my gluten allergy, but Brad can attest to "the best burger in Boulder” claim! We’ve dined here on a few special occasions & loved it every time. The staff is very consistent & careful when it comes to dealing with allergies. Plus, their food is absolutely delicious & I just love the downtown vibe.

River & Woods | Another restaurant that we love to frequent on elegant evenings, River & Woods. I just adore the cozy cottage ambiance mingling with the warm comforting, flavorful food. Perfect for a romantic evening, this quaint dinner option provides the perfect patio & place to stroll for a post-meal passeggiata.

Blackbelly | Brad took me here for my birthday one year & he, along with the staff, made my day oh so special. Our menus said, “Happy Birthday, Bronwen!” Brad had told them about my gluten allergy beforehand so everything was prepared carefully & they had plenty of options. They even gifted me with the best gluten free cookie I have ever tasted for a birthday treat.

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*Eateries with the title bolded pink are 100% gluten free*

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