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Friday Nights are for Fringe Pizza

Updated: Feb 23

I don't know about you, but I freaking love pizza, especially on Friday's when you just don't feel like cooking after a long week. It's so satisfying to grab a pizza & devour that doughy, cheesy, guilt-free goodness. I'm salivating just thinking about it. You know it, Friday nights are for Fringe Pizza!

You can imagine how disappointed I was when I found out I was allergic to gluten. And, quite honestly, most gluten free pizza I've had has been mediocre at best or super cross-contaminated... until I found Fringe, that is.

Fringe Pizza, Boulder Colorado

Their gluten free pizza actually tastes like a savory, thinly crusted Napolitano style pizza. From the Marinara to the Sweet Heat, they are all deliciously unique. The DOP is another favorite of mine - a white pizza piled high with arugula & prosciutto. I am a sucker for mushrooms though, so my favorites would have to be the Americano & Funghi pizzas. The Americano unites soppressata & local mushrooms, while the Funghi, of course, is littered with mushrooms & topped with crispy savory sausage. Fringe certainly knows their way around a pizza oven.

I discovered Fringe about a year ago, around Thanksgiving 2019. My fiance, Brad, & I were stranded at an acquaintance's house dog-sitting up in Gunbarrel* & the closest eatery we could walk to in the middle of a snowstorm was Fringe. It was a haven for us that evening, & continues to be as they opened up a new location right here in Boulder proper! We have been going pretty much every Friday since we noticed they opened, & absolutely love their heated outdoor patio. It's a funky little eatery with a beautiful pizza oven & super friendly staff. As a former pizzaiolo myself, I appreciate the glorious pizza oven!

Fringe Pizza, Boulder Colorado

Fringe also seems to be wicked careful about the cross-contamination, which is refreshing! My stomach has no issues afterwards, & it just looks really clean when it comes out without all of that semolina caked on the bottom. They also give you scissors to cut your pizza, which is kind of fun & honestly way easier to cut a slice than your typical pizza roller cutter. Genius idea!

Check out Fringe for yourself this Friday evening, or any night! You can find them off of Valmont & 29th street in the little plaza where Deli Zone & Green Piece are located. And, if you're looking for more gluten free spots in Boulder, check out my other blog posts: Top Gluten Free Spots: Boulder & 5 Best Gluten Free Breakfasts in Boulder. Enjoy!

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*The Gunbarrel location was a test kitchen, so it is no longer open.

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