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Foods for Women's Health

Most women are aware that they need to have a higher iron intake than men because we tend to lose iron during menstruation. When it comes to mineral intake, women generally need to consume double the amount of iron than their male counterparts - 18mg/day verses 8mg/day. Older women are also susceptible to calcium loss due to menopause, so I wanted to get on here & share foods that are high in Calcium, as well as Iron.

Iron transports oxygen into the bloodstream, so yeah, I'd say it's pretty important to your overall health. Here are a few foods that are high in iron:

  • chicken

  • nuts (cashews, almonds, pistachios, pignoli, macadamia)

  • seeds (hemp, sesame, pumpkin, flax)

  • grains

  • fortified cereals

  • dark leafy greens

  • potatoes

  • brussels sprouts

  • cabbage

  • string beans

  • broccoli

  • lentils

  • peas

  • figs

  • dates

  • prunes

  • clams

  • eggs

  • lamb

  • beef

  • shrimp

Those of us who are lactose intolerant or vegan have the highest risk of calcium deficiencies because dairy stores a lot of this micronutrient. Here are a few foods that are known to be high in calcium:

  • yogurt

  • dark leafy greens

  • papaya

  • oranges

  • apricots

  • kiwi

  • berries

  • whey protein

  • milk

  • cheese

  • cottage cheese

  • figs

  • pineapple

Keep your body healthy & strong!

Where did I learn all of this useful information? I was grateful to study virtually with the Kilo Fit Academy & receive my CPD Certified Wellness Coach certification over the lockdown in 2020.

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