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Healthy Snacks!

Updated: Feb 23

Sharing some of the tastiest, healthy snacks out there! Whether you're stocking up the cupboards or about to hop in your car to travel cross-country, these snacks are a savior. Absolutely delicious & nutrient-dense, the products listed below are gluten free, vegan, non-gmo, & soy-free. Check them out for yourself!

Savory Snacks

Rhythm Foods: I am obsessed with the Sea Salt Beet Chips & Buffalo Ranch Cauliflower Bites - cannot recommend enough. The beet chips are an excellent source of potassium & fiber, while the cauliflower bites are packed with fiber & vitamins C / K. Plus, Rhythm's products are certified organic & kosher as well!

Brad's Plant Based: I have yet to try their veggie chips, but their crunchy kale is the perfect light snack - Vampire Killer is my favorite! These crispy air dried snacks are certified organic & kosher too.

Made in Nature: From the Veggie to the Fruision Pops - Made in Nature has some spectacular products! I know I sound about 80 years old, but I cannot get enough of their prunes (dried plums). These tasty bites are 100% plant-based & certified organic.

Navitas Organics: Navitas is more of a lifestyle brand than a simple snack. Not only do they have everything from latte mixes to power snacks, but they help you along the way. Their website guides you as you shop, allowing you to filter your search for keto, anti-inflammatory, fair trade, vegan, etc.. There's even a community you can join!

From The Ground Up Snacks: Crackers, pretzels, potato chips, oh my! Get your party on with these savory snacks - great for dipping, munching, & crunching. I especially love bringing along the cheddar cauliflower crackers on camping trips - they bring me back to the days I could eat Cheez-It's.

Siete Foods: I adore this family owned company! Not only are their sensational chips gluten free, but they're grain free, crispy, light & divine! They even carry other products like hot sauce, vegan queso, tortillas, & more.

Hippeas: I first discovered these little treats while working Yoga on the Rocks at Red Rocks Amphitheater for Honest Tea - we would trade teas for puffs & it was oh so fun! I have yet to try the chips, but I love all of the puffs - Nacho Vibes & Bohemian Barbecue are my favorites. Hippeas are also nut free, kosher, & certified organic.

Beanfield: These chips are perfect...I've eaten an entire bag of the Pico de Gallo chips on several occasions. The Vegan Cracklins look scrumptious too, but I have yet to try them! These tasty little guys also happen to be nut free & kosher too.

Bubba's Fine Foods: A local Colorado brand that is booming with flavor! I've never tried a snack of theirs I didn't like, but I could eat that Hickory Smoked BBQ every single day. It's so good, I bring some back to Boston for my dad & brother every time I visit. Just a little warning that they're pretty hard on the teeth if you have a sensitive mouth. Plus, they're paleo & kosher to boot!

Crunchsters: These crunchy little mung beans are my new favorite snack! I always get the Beyond Bacon when I have long trips for work - they taste like a better, cleaner, nut free version of bacon bits. Great as a snack, topping, or added to a loaded potato!

Pan's Mushroom Jerky: Rich in vitamin D & high in fiber, you won't even know the difference between beef jerky & these savory shitake mushroom jerky bites. I'm obsessed! I usually go with the Salt & Pepper or Zesty Thai flavors. Pan's are paleo, kosher, & certified organic as well.

Saffron Road: Saffron Road isn't just snacking food (although I can't get enough of their Crunchy Chickpeas), but they even have sauces & fully prepped delicious meals in their product line-up. Like the majority of the brands listed here, they ethically source their quality ingredients, which are also halal & kosher. Just a heads up, not all of their food is vegan, but Saffron Road is too good to leave out, & they have a ton of dairy free products as well.

Sweet Treats

healthy snacks!

Bear Snacks: These no added sugar fruit rolls are barely processed & 100% delicious! A tasty little treat, Bear Snacks are filled with fiber, vitamins, & minerals. From the Strawberry, Raspberry, Mango, & Apple, I don't know which one's my favorite - I love every single flavor just as much as the last! Bear Snacks are kosher & nut free too.

*HU Kitchen: A chocolate so tasty that it will even turn milk chocolate lovers heard me! HU Chocolate is truly that rich & delicious. This silky smooth chocolate currently comes in several amazing flavors! My favorite flavor is the dark cashew butter with raspberries. Grab a bit & check it out for yourself!

Smart Sweets: I've been eating these little gummies like crazy lately! I've tried the Sweet Fish, Sourmelon Bites, & Sour Blast Buddies, & they are all mouthwatering. You won't find any added sugars or artificial sweeteners in these guys! Nut free, allergen friendly, & packed with plant-based fiber.

Partake: So many yummy cookies! From Birthday Cake, to Cookie Butter, to Ginger Snap, to classic Chocolate Chip - I can't get enough! Whether you're a soft baked or crunchy cookie fan, you'll be sure to love these sweeties. They're also nut free & kosher!

Emmy's: A cookie that was baked in Emmy's kitchen by her son & his future wife...I just love the sweet family story behind this brand & their even sweeter cookies! Plus, they have carbon neutral shipping - what's not to love? And, I'm not 100% positive if all of their flavors are soy free, but the cookies I have tried do not contain soy - I love the Birthday Cake!

Yum Earth: I'm personally a big fan of black licorice, so I was delighted to find Yum Earth's gluten free organic licorice bites because that's honestly pretty hard to find. These candies are quite the yummy allergen friendly, certified organic, nut free treat! And, trust me, they have a lot more than licorice in store for you - I love the lollipops too!

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*HU did recently come out with some milk chocolate flavors that are not vegan.

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