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5 Best Gluten Free Breakfasts in Boulder

Updated: Dec 1, 2021

I don’t know about y’all, but breakfast has always been one of my favorite meals of the day. Savory or sweet, you can have it all! Holistic, greasy, somewhere in between - breakfast is whatever you want it to be. I’m excited just thinking about the stacks of pancakes & bacon my dad would cook up for my brother & I when he would surprise us with breakfast for dinner. Those were the days!

Nowadays, I stick to a cleaner brekkie, a JuicePlus+ protein shake, piece of fruit, Purely Elizabeth granola bar; or, if time allows, I’m always choosing medium-boiled eggs over greens, avocado & sometimes gluten free toast with pesto. But, I also like to get a little greasy or be a bougie bitch, so when the weekend rolls around, I love to treat myself. Remember, it’s always important to give yourself a little lovin’ & indulge.

So, here they are, my 5 favorite Boulder brekkies! In no specific order…

My brother actually discovered this first joint just a couple months after we moved to Boulder in 2017. It’s only a few blocks from where we lived at the time, but he still managed to get lost for about 2 hours, & ended up coming home with cold food, but it was scrumptious. We loved it so much, we ended up going back the next week, & we’ve been coming back to Tangerine ever since.

Tangerine might be my all time favorite brunch spot in Boulder, they really just have it all. What do you want for brekkie? Eggs Benedict? Pancakes? Pastries? Green Eggs & Ham? Going straight for lunch? The menu is amazing, on the healthier side, & the majority of items are local & made from scratch. I just love being there - vibes are bright & light, there’s free coffee as you wait, & they have the most extensive brunch cocktail list, including an array of espresso drinks. As most of you probably know, it’s rare to find a gluten free eggs benedict. It’s not just the issue of the english muffin, but hollandaise generally includes wheat flour to give it that thick texture. Lucky for us, Tangerine provides a variety of benedict options, & one of my favorites is the Salmon Caper Eggs Benny - too tasty! Trust me, you’re definitely going to want to try out Tangerine for yourself.

Le Peep is where you can get more of your greasy diner breakfast options, but they also have their little Healthy Habits section & will bring over a complete gluten free menu if you just ask. I usually go with one of the panhandled skillets - the Wanderer is my favorite, filled with potatoes, bacon, onion, tomatoes, cheese & two eggs. Don’t worry they’ve got all the good stuff - your typical hungry man brekkie, gluten free pancakes, breakfast tacos or burritos, you name it! Oh, & they make a great Bloody Mary!

If you are allergic to gluten, love transparency & clean eating, then you got to get yourself to Whole Sol Blend Bar. A complete dream for a gal with a gluten allergy - Whole Sol is 100% gluten free, 100% organic, 100% dairy free, & 100% a refreshing paradise. I love everything! From their cleansing juices & shots, to their breakfast bowls & toasts. My favorite smoothie bowl has to be The Mayan - a dragon fruit base, topped with strawberries, granola, coconut & mango! I’m not sure where they source their granola from, but it tastes just like Purely Elizabeth, which is my all time favorite! I also love to go with friends (see Angie above!) & get a bunch of toasts to split - it’s always tough for me to choose between the White Truffle Avocado Toast, Bruschetta Pesto Toast, & Beets & Toasted Hazelnut Toast. Each one is uniquely amazing & delectable! Stop by for a juice, grab a midday snack, or start your day on the right foot with a healthy brekkie.

If you’re just searching for a classic breakfast sandwich then Naked Lunch is your spot! They craft up the tastiest little sausage or bacon egg & cheese, & have veggie/vegan options as well. Plus, they are extremely conscious about creating a safe space for us with gluten allergies. You can take it from me, I worked there. They also have an expansive case of vegan treats, & most are gluten free as well. Oh, & their lunch might be even better than breakfast - soups, sammies, & salads! It’s a locally-owned hidden gem over by the Peloton West condominiums off Arapahoe.

Lucky’s Bakehouse is my ultimate weakness. I’m not even kidding, I think I go pretty much every weekend. When I wander through the doorway, I feel like a kid in a candy store. It’s the biggest selection of gluten free baked goods I have ever seen. From the apple cider doughnuts to cotija green chili biscuits to the best & biggest chocolate chip cookies, the list goes on. Oh, & did I mention the decadent cakes?! They are divine! If I’m really feelin’ myself, you might even spot me eating a piece of cake for breakfast. I must say, it is not a solely gluten free bakery, so just be cautious depending on how severe your allergy is. Of course, all of the goodies I have described above are gluten free & wildy flavorful!

Honorable Mentions:

  • I’m sure you’ve heard of the Boulder/Denver brunch spot, Snooze. The food is yummy & they do have plenty of gluten free options, plus you can have a bumpin’ boozy breakfast. But, quite honestly, it’s just not my scene, plus the wait is always wicked long. I feel like I’m going clubbing for breakfast, & I’m just not about it these days. I just like simple, clean, laidback, & few people. It is a cool spot though, & everyone has different tastes!

  • Most coffee shops in town provide some sort of gluten free pastry or muffin. A few of my favorites include Beleza, Gabee, Elemental, & Flatirons. I’ll be dedicating a blog post solely to my favorite coffee shops in town & why soon! Stay tuned!!

  • *Eat at Your Own Risk* Lolita’s Market & Deli is an awesome local spot just beyond the Pearl Street Mall toward the Mountains - it was by far my favorite sandwich in town before finding out about my gluten allergy (that includes breakfast sandwiches). Honestly, I would never recommend Lolita’s to someone with a gluten allergy because last time I ordered a sandwich from there, I told them 3 times that I had a gluten allergy & was still given wheat bread. Plus, there’s most definitely cross-contamination. But, if you’ve gone gluten free just to be healthier then I’d say give their breakfast sandwiches a shot next time you’re on the run - they do have gluten free bread! It’s just too risky for me, & anyone else with an allergy.

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