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Gluten Free Feast at Fresh Thymes

Updated: Dec 1, 2021

I cannot believe I haven't told you about my favorite restaurant in Boulder, Fresh Thymes! Fresh Thymes almost instantaneously became my go-to eatery in Boulder upon moving to this little city in 2017. I was craving a noodle bowl & they heeded my call with their spicy Rad Thai.* I had yet to discover my gluten allergy & just couldn't get enough of their fresh, locally sourced food. Little did I know that their menu was (& still is) 100% gluten free the entire time - no wonder why I came away feeling so good after eating a full meal.

I can't express how nice it is to dine out & not have to worry about cross-contamination. But, the gluten free aspect is only a piece of the pie, their menu is absolutely wonderful!

From the best vegan mac n' cheese (The Mac Attack) I've ever had to the zesty Cauliflower Tacos, Fresh Thymes truly caters to every audience, providing a quality experience. Plus, I can't tell you how nice it is to have a bowl full of mac n' cheese & not have to shit my pants! You lactose intolerant folks will feel me on that one. Any who, enough about bowel movements & more about amazing, local, gluten free food!

Whether you're craving an affordable gluten free pizza, looking for a local grass fed burger, or a mouthwatering salad that will fill you up, Fresh Thymes is your spot! You really can't go wrong no matter what you order. I bring everyone I know here & truly say, "You really can't go wrong," & they never do. Everyone loves it, even my picky "meat & potatoes" dad - I've never seen someone devour a burger so quickly. It's so damn good, I, quite honestly, can't even pick a favorite item. Well, I guess there is one constant, the Chickpea Flatbread. It's too hard to resist the moist, flavorful flatbread dipped in Fresh Thymes' herbed olive oil, it hits home. But, really, everything is scrumptious & sustenant - the Riot Wings, Diva Salad (featured), Piri Piri, or building your own plate with the counter offerings. No matter what you choose, you will leave feeling grateful & nourished.

Oh, & did I mention their desserts?! Holy hell are they to die for! I'm a sucker for anything chocolate, but I really just can never get enough of the cashew cheesecakes (featured), no matter what flavor, it puts all other cheesecakes (vegan or not) to shame.

Fresh Thymes even makes their own natural wines! I had never had natural wine before trying theirs' & I'm probably never going back. The Feisty Red & Misty White are so smooth & flavorful, plus no hangover, for me at least. You can simply tell how much they care about their customers by looking at the beauty of the hummingbirds & flowers splashed on their bottles, or the kindness that each of their employees seem to behold. Not to mention, the bright, friendly & clean vibes that the entire eatery gives off. They even have local fresh flowers on the table when you're seated! Ah, I'm glowing just writing about my love for Fresh Thymes.

Please, do yourself a favor, & grab a bite at Fresh Thymes the next time you're in Boulder. They even have a little marketplace where you can pickup takeaway items - find it on the North side of town, just off 29th street. You can always support them from afar by purchasing a gift card for a loved one you may know in the area. Live local & be grateful for the people who make & gather your food. Thank you, Fresh Thymes!


All photos courtesy of Fresh Thymes' awesome website: My food is always gone before I get a chance to snap a pic!

*The noodle bowl is currently the Gold Bowl (delicious), but the Rad Thai makes an appearance from time to time.

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