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Top 5 Gluten Free Stops in Seattle

Updated: Feb 21

This fall, I took a trip up to the emerald coast to visit a dear friend of mine. At the time, she was living right around Pioneer Square, & I must say, her neighborhood offered some of the best eats I've had in a long while! During my Seattle experience, I created a list of gluten-free eats for you to check out next time you find yourself in the #PNW. Most stops are not dedicated to gluten-free cooking, but I have chosen some of my favorite gluten-free entrees/treats from these locations. So, here it is, my Top 5 Gluten Free Stops in Seattle!

gluten free macarons, top 5 gluten free stops in seattle

Lady Yum is a must! Pioneer Square is home to this adorably glamorous cafe that I just couldn't get enough of!

Decked out in French retro-pop, you'll feel like the bougiest of divas indulging in your petite cappuccino + decadent macaron. And, yes, the majority of macarons are gluten-free! As if Lady Yum couldn't get any better, they have a gluten-free chef curating the most mouthwatering morsels.

top 5 gluten free stops in seattle

And, which macarons did I treat myself to? Well...I went with the Honey Lavender, Mermaid (coconut + caramel), & Toffee. Each was better than the last, but if I had to pick a favorite, I'd go with the luscious Honey Lavender.

Go get your fix of macarons & mischief at Lady Yum!

gluten free mexican food, top 5 gluten free stops in seattle, gluten free seattle

I just popped into Sprout for a pitaya lemonade + black tea mix, but I noticed a very gluten-friendly menu. The dragon fruit lemonade tea was just the refresher I needed, but I was tempted to get a salad as well. If you're a fan of Sweetgreen or Mad Greens then you'll definitely want to stop by Sprout during your Seattle stay.

Amazing Happy Hour menu! Grab a corn taco or a plate of corn nachos, you can't go wrong! Not to mention, their margaritas are quite large & pack a punch! Also, great people watching if you're seated on the patio, which I recommend.

gluten free restaurants, gluten free, gluten free seattle

As I mentioned, I stayed with one of my best friends, who also happens to be Latina, so when she recommended Tacos Chukis I did not hesitate to make my way there for lunch. She claimed Chukis are the best tacos in Seattle, & I must say, I definitely agree with her, judging from the tacos I tasted elsewhere. Be sure to ask for a corn tortilla, & I'd recommend Carne Asada or Al Pastor! Oh, and did I mention, the tacos come with FREE guacamole! Love me some guac!

To my delight, they even had some great gluten-free options at the SeaTac airport! I stopped by Floret for some Stumptown Coffee before leaving Seattle, & was surprised to see so many gluten-free pastry treats! Of course, I had to taste, so I ordered a chocolate chip almond coffee cake that was deliciously sweet & perfectly moist.

More Options!

I always love talking to as many locals as I can when bopping around a new city. Here are some food stops that I didn't get a chance to make it to, but was informed that they supposedly have gluten-free options:

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