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Tips for Dining-In

Updated: Feb 22

Tips for dining-in & making it a fun experience!

tips for dining-in

Tips for dining-in:

  • don't be afraid to get scrappy & create a new recipe! Just have fun in the kitchen & make something new - you've got nothing to lose!

  • play some spicy music while you're cooking & during dinner

  • get fancy! Dress up a little, even if it's just for yourself - it never disappoints

  • have a candlelight dinner

  • throw up some twinkle lights to create a little ambiance

  • eat on your balcony/patio, or pack a picnic!

  • video chat with friends/family to come together for a meal

  • give your green thumb a chance & grow some plants that you could use in your cooking - I swear, it makes dinner time that much more exciting!

  • order take-out from one of your favorite local restaurants to support small, local businesses

Searching for new recipes? I've got plenty of gluten free recipes within the Embodied Ambrosia blog.

Take this opportunity to be fully present during your mealtime. Unplug, take a deep breath, de-stress, & allow yourself to be in the moment as you consume your meals*. Happy feasting!

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*being present & calm allows you to full absorb all of the nutrients that your food has to offer - refer to 5 Digestive Tips for a Happier Gut for more info.

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