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The Candida Cure: Getting Your Gut Health Back on Track

Updated: Dec 1, 2021

Do you struggle when it comes to choosing the right foods for you? Do you often feel fatigued, stomach pain, tingling/numbness in your extremities, & just out-of-touch with your body? If so, you're not alone, & shouldn't have to constantly feel sluggish & achy. In fact, I was right there with ya just a year ago, & then I found The Candida Cure.

Exhaustion, chronic headaches, pins & needles, GI problems, & a whole slew of other symptoms have shadowed me for the majority of my life. Suffering from H. pylori as a kid, pumped full of antibiotics, is when my gut first geared up for full on guerrilla warfare. The issues only seemed to pile on until I finally had enough in 2018, & had to get to the root of whatever was fucking up my life on a daily basis.

My weight had dropped to about 100 lbs., I was extremely sick with chronic headaches & pain in my right side body, constant stomach discomfort, sharp pains in my chest, fainting spells, & I could feel something moving inside of me. In January 2018, I got the answers I was looking for, & was diagnosed with a mold infection*, parasite, gluten allergy, candida overgrowth, Lyme Disease, Bartonella, &, yeah, I was real fucked up.

I found a doctor who aligned with my beliefs, & put me on a 3-month cleanse that changed my life dramatically. Pairing plant medicine with a strong antibiotic & clean eating habits altered my world. I felt better within 1 month, but knew I still had a long road ahead of me.

Unfortunately, the holiday season hit about 6 months later, & I started to decline, returning to my destructive habits. Luckily, I did not allow these bad habits to continue, as I felt the symptoms slowly creep back & knew I needed to do something about it. That is when I found The Candida Cure. I began the 90-day Candida Cleanse after returning from Iceland mid-January 2019, & could feel my gut become grounded within my body once again.

I found the Candida Cleanse to be even more helpful than the 3-month cleanse that my doctor put me on. They were basically the same, but I found the Candida Cleanse appealed to my mind, explaining the why behind every aspect of the cleanse. Author, Ann Boroch, goes to great lengths to inform her reader as to how the foods they're eliminating harm the body, & why she's recommending certain supplements, vitamins, or daily practices. Boroch truly cares about her audience, & you can feel the support throughout the pages.

To simplify, I wanted to share some of my key takeaways from Boroch's The Candida Cure:

  • candida quiz - a great way to gauge if this cleanse is right for you!

  • explanations as to why we're eliminating certain foods

  • focus on the mental & physical effects of stress

  • guided 90-day cleanse + supplement list (easing you into the cleanse)

  • recipe book

  • post-cleanse maintenance plan

I just cannot say enough wonderful things about this life-changing book, & want everyone to know that they can live their best lives. You do not have to settle & normalize feeling sickly every day. You're purpose is to be your best version of you!

If you have any questions, or would like to chat further about the book, reach out on my Contact Page, leave a comment, or shoot me an email at

*We came to find out that the apartment we were renting was infested with black mold - Fowler Property Management were our property managers.

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