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Live Optimally with Peak State Coffee

Updated: Feb 23

Live optimally with Peak State Coffee. Love coffee, but hate the side effects that come with it? You know what I'm talking about if you rush to the restroom after a couple of sips, or start shaking like the Energizer Bunny once coffee hits your system.

If you can relate, or are simply looking for the next BEST thing in coffee then you're going to want to read about Boulder's hidden gem, Peak State Coffee.

live optimally with peak state coffee

I first came across Peak State around Fall 2019 while attending a yoga teacher training. With a background in marketing, I got to talking about natural foods with a woman in my training program, Kerin. Kerin told me about her boyfriend, Danny, & his functional mushroom infused coffee, Peak State. A lover of mushrooms, coffee, & functional foods, I was immediately drawn in!

A few days later, Kerin introduced me to Danny & the drink I had heard so much about.

I was curious as to how Danny hatched the idea for mushroom infused beverages. He thought back to when he graduated college - spending that summer working on the New Hampshire trail systems, living deep in the woods, & waking to the schedule of the Sun. Needless to say, Danny was immersed in the forest, moving with the cycles of nature. It was here that Danny realized the potential that plants have to heal themselves & us. Specifically interested in fungi, Danny learned to forage Chaga mushrooms, & soon felt called to share this abundance of resources resting at our feet. Danny expressed, "I couldn't stop thinking about how good [Chaga] made me feel when drinking it, so I set out to help other's harness the nutritional & functional benefits of these powerful superfoods."

By infusing coffee beans with mushrooms, Danny had found a way to implement these fungi benefits into his daily diet while retaining the superior freshness & quality of the coffee. Danny exclaimed, "I figured if these powerful benefits were already in my coffee & my coffee still tasted fresh, I would easily upgrade my routine to drink this new functional coffee every day." In fact, the act of brewing the coffee heats the beans, which further extracts the health benefits of the mushrooms. Mushrooms are masters when it comes to retaining their rich tapestry of nutrients.

Peak State Coffee Founder
Danny, Peak State Coffee Founder

Danny went on to describe how mushrooms can alter our health for the better. After all, the antibiotic penicillin is derived from Penicillium mold (fungi). Danny explains how "these wild wonders are proven to help activate the body's immune system, and studies are starting to show potential for many benefits beyond basic nutrition as well, including brain function through activation of neural pathways, digestive aid, and even stress support." The amount of nutrients that mushrooms contain is truly astounding, & detrimental to the vegan diet as they are one of the very few raw foods (aside from meat) that naturally contain vitamins B12 & D. As a Health & Wellness Coach, I love nerding out on sourcing vitamins & minerals, so I was genuinely curious as to why my stomach feels at ease & my nerves calm when drinking Peak State.

"Adaptogens [found in Reishi mushroom] can tone down some of the jitters of caffeine," Danny explained. I also noticed that my gut seems to stay in-check when drinking Peak State coffee, especially when it comes to their ready-to-drink Cold Brew. Did you know that the cold brew process can reduce up to 70% of acidity in your cup o' joe? I imagine the beta glucans (polysaccharides) + antioxidants found in mushrooms also contribute to my happy gut since they are known to boost beneficial bacteria in the GI tract.

If you're not already sold by this wondrous coffee, Peak State pushes to be as environmentally friendly as possible. Taking part in 1% for the Planet, sustainable packaging & sourcing are just a few ways in which Peak State consciously strives to preserve our environment. Danny's deep connection to nature allows him to align Peak State with his core value of environmental sustainability. His connection with nature allows Danny to be inspired by the world around him, striving to live at his "peak state" every day, lifting others up & encouraging them to do the same. Hear Peak State's mission from Danny himself:

Our vision is to participate in the return to real food, exemplify sustainable business, and  contribute a portion of our profits to protect and conserve wild places for people to enjoy in years to come. We also want to use our brand to promote an active lifestyle - we hope to inspire people to spend as much time outside in nature as possible. If our coffee plays a role in that, then we know we're succeeding. 

Try Peak State's whole beans for FREE, & order online at - stay tuned for its launch on Amazon! If you're local to Boulder, Colorado, you can purchase Peak State at the following stores: Lucky's Market, Lolita's Market + Deli, Neptune Mountaineering, & The Spot Bouldering Gym.

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