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Essential Oils for Women | Part 2

I've been an Essential Oils Coach for a couple of years now, & am on my way to becoming a Clinical Aromatherapist, learning an abundance of information about oils, herbs, & their chemistry along the way. It's been so fun! Caring for my own body with the following essential oils, I felt called to share their specific benefits & uses catered toward women to celebrate Women's History Month!

A tranquil oil, Roman Chamomile brings about emotional balance & soothes menstrual symptoms.

  • Diffuse or apply to pulse points to calm emotions

  • Rub a few drops with a carrier oil into abdomen, low back, neck, temples to ease pain

Yarrow is a known pain reliever & so much more. From allergies to arthritis to menstruation, this baby helps with so many issues & ailments!

  • To soothe arthritis pain, dilute & rub a few drops onto the distressed/inflamed area of concern

  • Take 1 drop in a glass of water or capsule, or massage into abdomen to ease menstruation & menopause

Spikenard is a gem with so many uses! Known to help with cellulite, aging skin, yeast infections, infertility, PMS & more!

  • Mix with non-astringent witch hazel in a small spray bottle to aid with aging/irritated skin

  • Apply to abdomen or pulse points to relieve PMS symptoms

Steam-distilled Marjoram leaves are turned into this helpful essential oil, which has been used amongst women to bring about hormonal balance & aid with symptoms of menopause.

  • Relieve cramps by rubbing some marjoram on your abdomen or taking 1 drop in a glass of water

  • Calm anxiety & headaches by rubbing marjoram on the back of your neck & pulse points

Fennel is one of my favorite scents - a scent known to bring emotions into balance. Fennel seeds are also known to inspire strength & awaken love.

  • Dilute & apply over your abdomen to help with menstrual pain, menopause & premenopause

  • doTERRA suggests using a drop in a glass of water to increase milk supply - best not to use during pregnancy & with children 5 years & younger

*Please keep in mind that the internal uses are strictly for doTERRA essential oils & their recommendations. A lot of other essential oils are cut with harsh chemicals or toxins & could be very harmful to your health.

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