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Cusa Cold Brew: Instant Coffee for the Active Lifestyle

Updated: Dec 1, 2021

A girl constantly on the go, I am always in need of two things: (1) my valuable time (2) coffee, instantaneously. I am quite positive that I am not the only one who struggles balancing finding time to do everything they want to do, all while sipping on a fresh cup of premium, organic coffee. Luckily for us, Cusa Tea just launched their brand new Cusa Instant Cold Brew Coffee.

I've been fortunate enough to sample several of the new coffee flavors, including the Dark, Medium, Light, Lemon, & Vanilla. They were all quite rich in flavor, aromatic, & most importantly, derived a cup of instant coffee! With Cusa's quality standards, I had no doubt that their coffee would live up to the premium expectations that they have already set for their tea. My personal favorites are the Light & Medium roasts - that classic, nutty coffee flavor with a natural sweetness that satisfies the senses. As an avid coffee drinker, I do not put any sweeteners in my coffee, but do typically add a dairy alternative milk. When it comes to Cusa Coffee, I don't even need a creamer, so it really is perfect for on-the-go!

You're probably thinking to yourself, how could instant coffee possibly be better than a freshly brewed pot of Joe? Well, there are a multitude of situations where it's damn near impossible to brew a pot of coffee, & that's where Cusa's quick cups come into play.

What are some of these situations where Cusa outperforms regular coffee, you ask?

  • Road Trip - I wish I had these babies back in 2016 for life on the road*

  • Camping - make your morning cup instantaneous!

  • Climbing - Boulderites, you know what's up! Plus, Cusa is a Boulder local

  • Hiking - need a mid-hike pick-me-up?

  • Biking - keep those wheels turning with a quick coffee break

  • Snowboarding - I can't tell you how many times I've wanted a cup o' Joe on the mountain, but refuse to purchase their overpriced coffee

  • Working - I know most offices constantly have a pot of coffee brewing, but for folks who are out all day & do field work, like myself, Cusa is a lifesaver!

  • Events - got a long event ahead of you? Bring a Cusa Coffee packet to have on-hand when you need that pick-me-up

There are so many situations where Cusa's convenience & premium flavor simplify life. Sometimes I'm just feeling lazy at home, or don't want an entire pot of coffee, & Cusa does the trick!

Cusa's delectable coffee brews in seconds! Literally, I mean seconds. Simply pour your little tube of cold brew coffee into an empty cup, add water & you're good to go. Don't have hot water? You're in luck! Cusa Coffee will even instantly brew a cup in cold water - iced coffee!

Check Cusa out for yourself & let me know what you think in the comments below!

*Cusa Tea launched in 2017, so they did not exist during my 2016 road trip

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