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Winter Park: Vertical Bistro & Tap

Updated: Feb 21

Winter Park is one of my all-time favorite destinations for snowboarding. While both faces are stellar & heavy on the tree trails, which I'm a big fan of, I prefer the Mary Jane side. This being one of my most visited ski resorts, I, of course, have tried a few beverages that the mountain has to offer.

For my 25th birthday, my boyfriend, Brad took me on a snowmobiling excursion in Winter Park & we spent the night on the mountain.

We wandered down to Winter Park's Vertical Bistro & Tap from where we resided at The Vintage Hotel. A typical taproom, nestled at the base of Winter Park in their resort village. The Vertical Bistro was cozy, inviting us right in - perfect for any mountainside getaway.

We were seated immediately & began to peruse the menu for gluten free options. I ordered the Nona Cider by C Squared Ciders, & did not regret the decision. Now, normally the sweeter ciders don't appeal to me, but this one was delightful & paired wonderfully with my gluten free vegetarian chili. A great gluten-free choice! It tasted as if I were drinking a glass of Green Apple Jolly Ranchers - pure bliss!

For those of you who are interested, C Squared Ciders is based in Denver, CO. Try a taste on tap at The Rackhouse - a beer hall perfect for sports enthusiasts. Check it out next time you're in the Coors Field area on Blake Street, Denver!

Brad's Beer Thoughts: "I'd get this beer every fucking time!" Referring to his go-to beer, 90 Shilling by Odell Brewing Co., which he guzzled on the spot. *Contains Gluten*

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