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Kimchi Tuna Lettuce Cups

These kimchi tuna lettuce cups are one of my favorite easy recipes to make in the Spring & Summer when I'm feeling lazy! The spicy kimchi & paprika give it a little kick, while the avocado & mayo cool it down. See what you think & reach out with any questions.

kimchi tuna lettuce cups


The Process

  • mix mayo, paprika, salt & pepper into a bowl with the tuna

  • once the mayo & seasonings are fully mixed with the tuna, scoop your tuna mixture into individual butter lettuce leaves - this make about 3-6 tuna cups depending on how full you want them!

  • top your tuna lettuce cups with avocado slices, desired amount of kimchi, & cilantro

  • Enjoy!

I hope you love this simple recipe as much as I do!

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