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I Love Rosetta Hall

Updated: Feb 21

I am just absolutely obsessed with Rosetta Hall. Imagine stepping into a glamorous food hall, decked out with chandeliers, velvet lounge seats, & some of the tastiest food in Boulder. Oh, yes, it's spectacular & gives bougie a whole new meaning. Learn why I love Rosetta Hall below!

Filled with 10 food vendors that span cultural boundaries, Rosetta Hall is the spot in Boulder. The food is to die for, with everything from West African cuisine to a French patisserie. Oh, & did I mention that every stop has a gluten-free option, even the Italian vendor, La Tigella!

Enter for yourself & be greeted by Boxcar Coffee Roasters - some of the best coffee in town. An oat milk latte is my Boxcar go-to & they always make it oh so lovely. The taste is smooth, nutty, & decadent as it caresses your tongue.

Rosetta Hall, Boulder

Step past the Boxcar entrance & you'll see Folsom Foods to your left, beckoning to you with it's booming flavors. I couldn't resist the smell of their Double Burger* the first time I ventured into Rosetta Hall & boy did it satisfy. Extremely hungover, I craved something that would grease my gut, strengthening it's weakened state. Chef Justin Brunson completes this amazing grass fed patty with american cheese, special sauce, & the holy trifecta of pickles, onion, & bibb lettuce. That's one tasty burger! Before I move onto my next stop, I must say, although I love this classically american food stand, I was a little disappointed with the petite salad. I literally just thought some of my toppings fell off my burger when they plated it. Just saying, when you pay $12 for a burger that doesn't come with fries**, it better have that damn side salad that it claims to be served with!

If you're feeling a little more daring, may I suggest going with Ginger Pig & their zesty dishes! Ginger Pig was the first vendor I ventured into back when it was just a Food Truck (known for winning Best Food Truck in Denver 2018). I went with my brother who was visiting at the time in 2017. He's one of the pickiest eaters I know & it rocked his world, so, thank you, Ginger Pig! Pulling spices from a blend of Asian Cultures, Chef Natascha Hess does a brilliant job of creating uniquely rich & wonderfully flavorful foods that delight the taste buds. I cannot wait to try the new Ginger Pig at Rosetta Hall!

Rosetta Hall, Boulder

And, finally, my #1 recommendation, Jacaranda, a wildly delectable West African eatery. Chef Modou Jaiteh's radiant personality shines through the crowded food hall, drawing you into his uniquely delightful stand. Let your taste buds be pleasantly surprised by the succulent, savory, ingenious flavors that Chef Jaiteh plays with. Torn between pretty much every item on the menu, I finally decided to go with the Johnny Cakes, & I sure chose right. Johnny Cakes is basically an EPIC version of bacon, eggs, & pancakes. But, the eggs are seasoned to perfection & the pancakes put the best spin on Injera - an Ethiopian spongy pancake made of teff flour, which is a naturally gluten-free grain. They're fucking awesome! If you haven't tried injera, I highly suggest popping into an Ethiopian restaurant & soaking up some spices for yourself.

You really can't go wrong when it comes to dining at Rosetta Hall, & there are so many gluten-free options to give you the variety you're looking for! Oh, & did I mention that it turns it to a night club when the sun goes down? Could Rosetta Hall be any better?!

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*If you're allergic to gluten, be sure to ask for GF bread/bun like I did!

**You can buy a side of fries & they are BOMB!

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