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Food Truck Review: Better Off Fed

Last week, while perusing the food truck scene at The Rayback Collective, I stumbled upon a truck I had yet to try - Better off Fed. As a Rayback regular, I can honestly say that I've tried most of the food trucks that frequent, but this one I had yet to try!

Come to find out, Better off Fed had recently gone through a re-branding. They were concerned their original name, Eggcellent, limited them to breakfast, & they offer so much more than that!

I still got an egg dish - I mean, how could I not after the truck was originally named Eggcellent?! They also happen to be known for their tender pork belly, so I had them throw some of that yummy piggy in with my gluten-free egg sandwich. It was more like an egg melt - cheesy, delicious, breaky goodness.

They also have a variety of grilled cheese, tacos, & my boyfriend, Brad, got their monster burrito! It looked delicious, but sadly I could not partake as it was bundled in a flour tortilla. Not to worry, as they have gluten-free (like my sandwich) & vegan options! Enjoy & Get Fed!

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