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Essential Oils for Women | Part 1

I've been an Essential Oils Coach for a couple of years now, & am on my way to becoming a Clinical Aromatherapist, learning an abundance of information about oils, herbs, & their chemistry along the way. It's been so fun! Caring for my own body with the following essential oils, I felt called to share their specific benefits & uses catered toward women to celebrate Women's History Month!

Rose aids with irregular ovulation & low libido.

  • To increase sexual desire, diffuse, inhale, or rub on abdomen

  • Dilute with a carrier oil & apply to your womb space to aid with ovulation & menstruation

Neroli increases sexual arousal, soothes pain during pregnancy & childbirth, & alleviates menstrual cramps. This wonder also aids with menopause, estrogen imbalance & PMS symptoms.

  • Use a drop or 2 in a hot bath, or massage into low abdomen to alleviate cramps

  • Inhale, diffuse, apply to low back or underneath the nose to soothe

Jasmine increases sex drive & low libido, specifically for women. This fragrant floral oil is also known to regulate ovulation, fertility, & uterine health.

  • Diffuse, or apply to abdomen/pulse points to aid with labor & delivery

  • Apply to low back or abdomen to aid with PMS & regulate hormones

Pink Pepper is an aphrodisiac & also relieves PMS symptoms such as menstrual pain.

  • I like to dilute pink pepper with rose hip carrier oil & massage into my breasts since both oils aid with breast health

  • Dilute & massage into lower abdomen - blends beautifully with marjoram & geranium

Copaiba boosts low libido, relieves Endometriosis & menstrual cramps.

  • Take 1 drop in a capsule or in water to aid with Endometriosis & PMS*

  • Diffuse, apply to temples/pulse points or take in a capsule to aid with migraines & bring about emotional balance

Clary Sage is another beautiful oil that aids with endometriosis, PMS, & menopause! This oil is also known to regulate estrogen, uterine health & low milk supply. An oil that's also thought to aid with breast cancer/natural enlargement, child birth, hot flashes, & postpartum depression.

  • In a spray bottle, combine 2 drops clary sage, 2 drops peppermint with water & spray on the back of your neck to cool hot flashes

  • Apply to the bottoms of your feet or low abdomen to calm nerves, PMS symptoms & postpartum depression

  • Take 1 drop in a capsule to relieve symptoms of menopause/endometriosis & help with infertility*

  • Massage into each breast for increased lactation, breast cancer prevention, & natural breast enlargement.

*Please keep in mind that the internal uses are strictly for doTERRA essential oils & their recommendations. A lot of other essential oils are cut with harsh chemicals or toxins & could be very harmful to your health.

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