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Combat the Common Cold with Essential Oils!

Updated: Feb 23

combat the common cold with essential oils

Sharing some of my favorite ways to combat the common cold with essential oils! In this short read, I will dive into the benefits of each oil & best practices for application. Remember, prevention is key during these chilly months!

  • Eucalyptus is an absolute must have when it comes to fighting the common cold as it makes for a great chest rub, soothing sore throat & respiratory symptoms while ridding the body of mucus. *blends well with lemon or rosemary*

  • Rosemary is a stimulating essential oil that is known to aid with the following potential cold symptoms: fainting, fatigue, respiratory issues. If you're into the metaphysical side of things then I'm sure you'd love to know that rosemary is clearing & has been used to cleanse negative energy & spirits since ancient times. *blends well with lavender*

  • Lavender, the ultimate oil!! This calming oil has relieved stress for many throughout the years, myself & our pup, Scooby, included! Known to relieve headaches & aid with sleep, this antibacterial & regenerative essential oil will be sure to have you back on your feet after catching a cold. An oil with a beautiful floral scent that is believed to emanate love, peace, & harmony. *blends well with frankincense*

  • Ginger has been used in medicinal practices for centuries & continues to be an amazing cold/flu combatant to this day. Soothing sore throats, easing nausea, clearing out congestion, the list goes on! There is nothing this essential oil can't do! Plus, it's known to connect to the realm of the Divine Feminine & uplift a slow libido - who doesn't love that! *blends well with lemon & grapefruit*

  • Frankincense is a sacred oil that supports overall immunity & healing. Great for meditation, it also relieves stress & balances emotions. You'll definitely want to have this beautiful oil on your side, connecting you with ancient wisdom & angels.

  • Tea Tree is a great multi-purposeful essential oil that happens to be both antiviral & antibacterial. Also, it's an antiseptic that has been used to soothe cold & flu symptoms such as a sore throat. As a kid, I would either chew on whole cloves or gargle 1 drop of tea tree oil in water to numb my sore throat. *blends well with cypress & lavender*

  • Cypress is a tool that I wish I knew about when I had whooping cough as it has been known to aid with spastic coughing by applying over the lungs with heat. It also increases circulation, which supports immune health & oxygen flow. Plus, it smells amazing! *blends well with lavender*

  • Lemon & other citrus oils like Grapefruit are known to uplift, easing stress & washing away worry. Citrus can also help with detoxing & drying, which is great for clearing out mucus & congestion. *both blend well with rosemary*

There are many methods for application, some of which I have described above, but steaming or diffusing would be the best method to get those essential oils working for your respiratory system as quick as possible. Creating salves to rub on the chest is another great method, or you can also use massage, rollers, mists, etc.. Stay tuned for recipes on @EmbodiedAmbrosia!

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Bronwen, Certified Aromatherapist, New York Institute of Aromatherapy


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