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10 Holiday Health Tips

Updated: Dec 1, 2021

Trying to heal your body after the holidays? I've collected a few tips that have helped me throughout the years, & I hope they can help you too!

  1. avoid sugar, dairy, caffeine, alcohol - sugar is horrible for your gut & mental health, dairy causes inflammation, caffeine* spikes sugar levels/dehydrates the body, alcohol spikes sugar levels/dehydrates the body/causes inflammation

  2. drink more water to keep your body hydrated, & herbal teas to allow immune-supporting plant medicine to enter your body

  3. chewing on cloves is known to relieve sore throat pain

  4. elderberry supports immune health - I personally add sambucus (elderberry) syrup to my tea, but adding a little to water or just taking a spoonful will do the trick!

  5. essential oils that are beneficial - clove is an antiseptic & pain reliever - peppermint can relieve coughing, pain, & fatigue - cedarwood relaxes the body & reduces stress**

  6. eat mushrooms - they have wonderful immune-building properties!

  7. consume foods that reduce inflammation: turmeric + black pepper***, unsweetened aloe juice, berries, fish oil pills, ginger, rosemary, bone broth - check out my homemade Chicken Soup + Bone Broth recipe!

  8. if crystals are your thing, black tourmaline is a great protection stone with immune boosting properties

  9. a healthy life starts with eating your fruits & veggies, exercising & resting!

  10. be firm but forgiving - don't be too hard on yourself, you're only human!

How do you recover from the holidays? Comment with any tips or tricks!

*coffee is many folks' caffeine source, but it is extremely acidic & harsh on your gut - next time, try cold brew coffee as it contains less acidity. Cusa's cold brew process eliminates some acidity in their premium instant coffee.

**Follow me on Instagram @ambrosiayoga for more essential oil, crystal, + overall wellness tips

***pairing turmeric with black pepper allows you to metabolize turmeric easier, increasing its effects

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