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The Northwestern: Three Girls Bakery at Pike Place

Updated: Feb 21

the northwestern: three girls bakery at pike place, gluten free travel, gluten free seattle

Upon my arrival to Seattle, I knew exactly where my first meal needed to be, & the precise sandwich that I would order off that very menu. Anticipating indulging in this particular sandwich since I last left Seattle three years ago, I could not wait to sink my teeth in. I could just picture the freshly caught salmon of Pike Place whipped up in a mixture of mayo, dill, & capers, topped with onion, cucumber, & all nestled between two slices of gluten-free bread. The Northwestern at Three Girls Bakery in Pike Place is pure heaven.

So, where do you find this scrumptious sandwich, dubbed The Northwestern? Scamper on down to Pike Place & order The Northwestern from one of Seattle's oldest establishments, Three Girls Bakery. A delightful little bakery with curbside ordering & a luncheonette to boot!

gluten free seattle

I first sat at the luncheonette three years ago when traveling through the Pacific Northwest on a road trip with my boyfriend, Brad. We were starving & just stumbled into the bakery while bopping around the market. Brad ordered a heaping meatloaf mountain of a sandwich, while I ordered my "go-to," The Northwestern - typically sandwiched between two fluffy pieces of sourdough bread. Back in 2016, I wasn't aware of my gluten allergy, so I scarfed down that sourdough, but boy did my stomach hurt after. Not to worry, Three Girls Bakery has gluten-free bread, & even has a separate panini press for sans gluten grilling. 

The food may be fantastic, but little did we know how special Three Girls Bakery truly is. Not only were they the first business in Seattle to be licensed to a woman, but they are also the longest running business in Pike Place Market. If you're interested in learning more about Three Girls, read The Seattle Times article on the bakery, & check out their full menu!

three girls bakery Seattle, gluten free travel

Oh, I forgot to mention, I ordered The Northwestern once again on my last day in me some salmon! Try to find the mayo on my face in the photo to the left!

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