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Slim & Savvy with Cusa Tea

Updated: Feb 21

Ever find yourself craving a freshly brewed pot of tea, but then realize that you have zero resources to make that happen? Having managed an Honest Tea market, you can imagine that I am a big tea drinker, therefore, I have run into this dilemma many a time.

Lucky for me, I decided to move to the magical bubble of Boulder & from there, was introduced to the innovative premium instant tea brand, Cusa Tea. Cusa is an organic instant tea that tastes delicious & maintains all of the benefits of classic loose leaf tea. While traveling throughout southeast Asia, founder, Jim Lamancusa realized his passion & was able to develop a cold steep process that makes this possible.

slim & savvy with cusa tea

Why am I telling you all of this? Well, Cusa Tea happens to have a super tasty flavor, Slim Savvy, that aids in digestion. Brewed with Tangerine Peel, Cassia Seed, Cinnamon, Lotus Leaf, & Horsetail, this herbal tea cleanses your system & provides metabolic support. Tangerine Peel aids in the digestion of lipids (fats & oils), while Cinnamon provides digestive relief & improves blood flow to carry nutrients where they’re needed in the body. Don’t you just love learning about plant healing & how phytonutrients can heal your body?! Crazy awesome stuff!

As a proud Cusa Tea brand ambassador, I sure get excited when I learn about all of the functional herbs & spices going into the teas I love. And, on top of their unmatched instant tea quality, Cusa has a passion for conscious consumption & sustainable sourcing. Yet another aspect of Cusa that I admire. Cusa takes the Boulder business model & runs with it, providing light, minimalistic, recyclable packaging that makes transportation easy. Composting their organic tea leaves & supporting the global Climate Collaborative are just a few other initiatives that Cusa takes to give back to the environment & their community - read more at Cusa’s Environmental Responsibility.

Pro Tip:

  • If you're drinking tea for digestive aid, always be sure to drink it hot - hot water expands your stomach, hydrating, soothing, & activating your GI tract.

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