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Micronutrients Explained

Updated: Feb 21

Micronutrients Explained. I toss around the term "micronutrients" quite a bit, & I'm sure some of you are wondering, what the hell does that mean? Micronutrients are simply vitamins & minerals, essential for growth & daily life.

Minerals are essential for growth and fluid balance, and they keep your bones strong and healthy. Vitamins boost immunity, improve energy production, among other functions (Kilo Fit, 2020, p. 12).
micronutrients explained

The typical American diet is extremely scarce when it comes to micronutrients; this, among other reasons,* is why heart disease is the #1 cause of death for both men & women in the United States. On top of a poor diet, our produce contains less nutrition than ever. Why is this? Early harvesting does not allow the fruit or vegetable to fully ripen, & therefore does not contain its full spectrum of nutrients. 50 years ago, 1 orange was sufficient, now we need to eat 5 oranges in order to get the same benefits. We now need 9-13 servings (fistfuls) of fruits & veggies PER DAY!

Another reason U.S. produce is lacking is because of distance from the source to your table. Nutrients are lost every day that the produce is off the vine, root, or stem from the plant it originally came from. So, transportation is not only terrible for the environment, but bad for our health as well.

Alrighty, let's take a brief look at these essential nutrients & why they're vital to our health!


  • Vitamin C - produces anti-stress hormones & aids in metabolization

  • Vitamin A - maintains eyesight

  • Vitamin K - repairs the body through blood clotting & bone restoration

  • B Vitamins - there are 8 B Vitamins that are essential for practically everything, including the breakdown of fats, carbs, & proteins

  • Vitamin E - protects the body from free radicals produced by oxygen

  • Vitamin D - builds immunity & boosts your mood


  • Phosphorus - needed for tissues growth

  • Sodium - transfers nutrients & aids nervous system in signaling

  • Calcium - supports muscle function

  • Magnesium - necessary for protein synthesis & circulatory/nerve function

Trace Minerals

  • Water - detoxes the body & does pretty much everything you can imagine for us

  • Potassium - transfers nutrients through cell membranes

  • Zinc - immune system defense

  • Copper - produces & maintains function of red blood cells

  • Iron - provides energy & transports oxygen in blood

Keep in mind that this is a very brief overview. All micronutrients do much more than what is listed here. I cannot stress enough how vital both micronutrients & macronutrients (fat, protein, carbs) are to your health. Take care of your body & your body will take care of your mind. Stay healthy out there!

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*processed foods, high sugar intake, & large animal product consumption also contribute


  • Kilo Fit Academy. (2020). Food & Nutrition Handbook. Kilo Fit Academy.

  • Feature Photo by Anna Pelzer off Unsplash

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