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Intro to Qi Gong + Guided Practice

Qi Gong is an ancient Daoist (Taoist) practice that works with Qi (Chi), which is energy or life force. Daoism is a respected philosophical path that began long ago in China, Japan, & other Asian countries. Lao Tzu's "Tao Te Ching," explains Daoism in great lengths, although "The Dao" itself is something we cannot really explain, for it is incomprehensible.

Lao Tzu explains, "The Tao is the origin of the One. The One created the Two, the Two formed the Three. From the Three came forth all life." We can think of "The Dao" as that spark of life, the container of the Universe. The Dao represents Yang, masculine energy. And, think of "The One" as creation itself, everything within the container of the Universe - Spirit, Shen, Ether or Awen. "The One" is life, she represents Yin, divine feminine energy. The Two is substance, the physical or material world, which is Jing energy. The Three is Chi, the unity of Spirit & Substance, Yin & Yang, or Jing & Shen. Chi is cultivated through our hearts, uniting both cosmic & earthly energies in the center.

The cultivation of your chi body (working with your unique energy), is central in Qi Gong teachings. Both internal & external Qi Gong practices are designed to help you cultivate Qi by working with the meridian system, anatomy & energetic body. Qi Gong is an ancient Asian medical system that is still used today to bring the physical, energetic, & etheric bodies together. Cultivating Chi is a way to bring one's being into harmony. There is a plethora of wisdom & knowledge found within these ancient Qi Gong practices, & we have so much to learn from them & ourselves.

The practice we'll be focusing on today is Dao Yin, also known as Qi Gong for Longevity. Dao Yin is a lovely practice to do right when you wake up every morning, easing out of dreamland to connect with your physical body & move Chi. Enjoy this ancient Qi Gong practice & comment with any questions or feedback!

Jing, Chi & Shen are the 3 main energy centers within the body, according to Qi Gong teachings. Jing is our lowest energy center, located in our low abdomen. Chi is our middle energy center, located in the heart. Shen is our highest energy center, located in the head. Body, Spirit & Mind.

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