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How to Make a Brigid's Cross

Updated: Feb 26

brigid's cross, imbolc, goddess brigid

One of the most common rituals that you will hear about this time of year in the Celtic tradition is creating a Brigid's cross. A Brigid's cross is an ancient craft that people would make together to protect their home. "This equal-armed cross made from rushes could possibly have Pagan origins, as a symbol of the sun or the four directions. Today, though, it is mostly a symbol of Brigit herself. Traditionally, Brigit's crosses are made by family members and hung in their house, barn, and other buildings for protection" (Hinds & McColman, 52). Typically, folks will make their Brigid's cross before Imbolc (2/1), either the night or week before.

Materials: Yarn & Straw (rushes/paper straws). Traditionally, the Brigid's Cross is made using 8-12 inch rushes, but folks sometimes use compostable paper straws these days. You need 12-20 straws/rushes & 4 small pieces of yarn to tie off the ends.

How to make a Brigid's Cross:

If you are using natural straw/rushes, you need to soak the rushes in warm water for about 30 minutes, so they're easier for you to fold.

  1. Start with 2 straws, with 1 folded in the middle - one straw will be vertical, the other horizontal

  2. Rotate 90 degrees counter-clockwise

  3. Repeat the 1st step, folding in a 3rd straw

  4. Rotate 90 degrees counter-clockwise

  5. Repeat the 1st step, folding in a 4th straw

  6. You now have 4 straws total, intertwined, & have completed 1 row of your Brigid's cross

  7. Pull the straws together once all 4 are hooked together

  8. Continue steps #1-7 about 3-5 times total, so you have 3-5 rows, rotating 90 degrees counter-clockwise every time you fold in a new straw

  9. Secure your cross by tying each end off with the yarn

  10. Place above your doorway to protect & bless your home

how to make a brigid's cross step 1
Step 1

how to make a brigid's cross step 3
Step 2

how to make a brigid's cross step 3
Step 3

how to make a brigid's cross step 4
Step 4

how to make a brigid's cross
A Complete 9-Straw Brigid's Cross

Comment with any questions, & feel free to share how your Brigid's Cross turned out!!

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