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Love Crystals

Updated: Feb 26

Sharing some of my favorite love crystals just in time for Valentine's Day! Learn about the powerful healing & deep loving energy that the gems below have to offer.

Flower Agate | Flower Agate is a calming connector of the heart chakra to the lower chakras (solar plexus, sacral, root, earth star). She fuses the love & beauty of her floral pattern with the grounding, protective properties of agate. I was actually introduced to Flower Agate when my husband & I received a lovely pyramid as a wedding gift! Bring in Selenite & Clear Quartz to amplify Flower Agate's energy.

Green Aventurine | Green Aventurine shines a bright green just like the heart chakra that she represents. Call upon her for all things abundance - love, health, wealth, etc.. Green Aventurine is a great crystal to use in love attraction spells to bring romance your way. Also, a great crystal for partner work as it balances feminine/masculine, creating harmony.

Pink Calcite | Pink Calcite is a heart opener. Sit with her as you sip a cup of cacao & feel your heart expand inward & around you all at once. The soothing energy of Pink Calcite welcomes in a soft, gentle love. She invites feelings of deep self-love, enveloping you in a warm energy hug.

love crystals, rhodochrosite

Rhodochrosite | Rhodochrosite (featured in the photo) is probably my all time favorite deeply loving crystal. The perfect crystal for working with trauma - keep her by your side when tending to your shadows.  She always finds you just when you need her most, bringing forth profound healing & showing you how to move into the expression of love. Rhodochrosite was actually my totem for May 2023 - I couldn't find the gem anywhere even though it's native to Colorado, & voila! I ended up winning Rhodochrosite in a crystal giveaway April 29, 2023.

Rhodonite | Rhodonite is another lovely pink stone with black fragments & specs, or sometimes white speckles. Her message is deep self-love, reminding us to love every piece of ourselves & acknowledge our shadows. Rhodonite also encourages us to have compassion & empathy, working with others & sympathizing with varying perspectives.

Rose Quartz | Rose Quartz is a popular & powerful stone that has been used worldwide for calling in love & protection, especially when it comes to protection of the heart. She is always there to pick us up when we're down, soothing us in times of grief as well. Keep Rose Quartz on your night stand or under your bed to bring compassion & love into the bedroom.

Enjoy these crystals & learn which ones feel right for you & your heart. Remember, this is just the tip of the iceberg - there is so much more to explore when it comes to crystals of the heart!

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