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Aromatherapy How To: Create Foaming Hand Soap

If you're just getting into aromatherapy DIY then this is a great first recipe to start with! Foaming hand soap was actually one of the first things that I learned how to make when I hopped on the essential oils train back in 2017. It is so simple to make, & it feels really empowering to craft your own clean products that actually support you & your family, unlike many household cleaners. Plus, if you're doing it right & reusing your containers/re-purposing new containers, you are contributing much less waste to our planet's overflowing landfills. Below is the recipe, & stay tuned for my body care line launching this summer!


  • 10-12 oz. glass container with foaming soap pump*

  • 1/2 cup castile soap - I use Dr. Bronner's**

  • 1 tbsp (.5 oz.) vegetable glycerin

  • 1 tbsp (.5 oz.) Vitamin E oil - carrier oil substitutes below***

  • 5-7 oz. distilled water

  • Gentle essential oil options for soap: Rosemary (antiseptic/antiviral), Scots Pine (antibacterial), Geranium (antimicrobial), Grapefruit (antiseptic), Tea Tree (anti-fungal, antimicrobial), Peppermint (antimicrobial), Tangerine (antiseptic/anti-fungal)

For the example, we will create an essential oil synergy that you can recreate at home using rosemary, grapefruit, & geranium. I went with these 3 oils because although rosemary is both antiseptic & antiviral, it also brings moisture to your hands. Geranium is antimicrobial, smells amazing, & balances oils/emotions. The citrus family is known for their fabulous cleaning abilities, & grapefruit is no exception!

The Process

  • Start by creating your essential oil synergy in a separate glass container: stir together 13 drops Geranium, 34 drops Grapefruit, 13 drops Rosemary.

  • In your glass soap dispenser, blend together the castile soap, Vitamin E (or carrier oil), & vegetable glycerin.

  • Next, add your essential oil synergy of rosemary, geranium, & grapefruit to the glass dispenser.

  • Finally, add in the distilled water to your glass dispenser, mix everything together, &you're ready to use your homemade soap!

I can't tell you how much joy making the household cleaners & body products for our home has brought into my life, & I wish the same for you! Plus, the majority of household cleaners are packed with chemicals, making the typical indoor household 4 times more toxic than the outdoors. Don't you want to create a healthier environment for you, your pets, & family?

Pro Tip: Be careful purchasing your essential oils & be sure to buy only quality tested essential oils - many brands mix synthetics/chemicals in, so you have to be careful. For example, I would not trust any of the cheap brands at discount/department stores. Soon, I will be posting an article with safe & trusted essential oil brands that you can reference for yourself!!

*I've been a long time Grove Collaborative member (before it became trendy w/ Drew Barrymore lol), & must say, they have excellent reusable soap dispensers - here is their foaming one.

**No need to use essential oils, if you'd rather pick a Dr. Bronner's scent (Rose, Peppermint, etc.), or leave it unscented.

***If you don't have the ingredient, substitute your vitamin e oil for another carrier oil that is high in Vitamin E. Examples: almond, apricot, sunflower, almond, etc.

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