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Bronny's Diva Salad

This is one of the all time best salads, inspired by my favorite Boulder Restaurant, Fresh Thymes, which unfortunately closed after the pandemic. During one of my last dinners at Fresh Thymes, I enjoyed "The Diva" salad, & took note of all of it's wonderful ingredients, so I could recreate it in the future. Here it is!


  • mixed greens

  • grilled chicken

  • goat cheese crumbles

  • Marcona almonds

  • sliced dates

  • sliced avocado

  • apple cider vinaigrette - I like Bragg's

The Process

  • wash off your mixed greens & dry them

  • chop up your grilled chicken*

  • toss your chopped chicken & mixed greens together in a large bowl

  • next, simply add your toppings - goat cheese, almonds, dates, avocado

  • toss everything together with the apple cider vinaigrette & you're ready to eat!

Enjoy this scrumptious salad as lunch or dinner! Since folks like salads of all different sizes, I didn't want to add any portions, but know that this meal also makes a great meal prep for the week!

*I'm not going to explain grilling chicken as it's quite simple & you hopefully already know how to do that

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