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5 Cozy Suggestions for Eating-in #NYE

Updated: Dec 1, 2021

Whether you're ordering take-out, picking up food, or cooking up a comforting meal, I've got some dinner tips for you this New Year's Eve(ning)!

Order take-out at Zoe Ma Ma! My go-to on a bone-chilling winter's night as the food warms you right up! May I suggest Ma Ma's Chicken Noodle Soup for your meal choice! Other great gluten-free options include Vegan Dumplings or Pearl Meatballs.

Place a delivery order with Grubhub from Curry N' Kebob - you won't regret it! Their menu states, "All Entrees are Gluten Free," but still always make sure to let the restaurant know about any allergies you might have. For instance, the naan is not gluten-free, so I always order the Papadom lentil crackers instead. One of my top picks at Curry N' Kebob is the Chicken Vindaloo - I always order it spicy! Yum!

Whole Foods Market hot bar is a great, reliable choice, especially if you're not craving anything in particular - they have so many options!

Grab a Frozen Cauliflower Pizza Crust at Trader Joe's & top it however you want! This is always a fun, easy dinner! Whether you want a white ricotta base, a zesty pesto sauce, or the classic red pizza, you can get creative while making something delicious!

Or, if you're thinking more of a liquid diet for New Year's Eve, check out my sassy Festivus Mule Recipe here!

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